List of Services

Lash Extensions

*Note anything after 4 weeks or if most of the lashes have fallen off will be charged for a full new set*

Classic Lash Extension - $150
2 week Refill -  $85
3 week Refill -  $95
4 week Refill - $120

Hybrid Lash Extension - $165
2 week Refill -  $100
3 week Refill -  $110
4 week Refill - $130

Volume Lash Extension - $180
2 week Refill -  $100
3 week Refill -  $110
4 week Refill - $130

Mega Volume Lash Extension - $190
2 week Refill -  $110
3 week Refill -  $120
4 week Refill - $140

Keratin Lash Lift -  $100

Brow lamination  - $100

Lash removal - $25

Facials- Men/Women

Tropical Light Infusion -  $190
Whether you are looking to address facial aging, pigmentation, or other areas on the body, LIGHTWAVE offers the solution for you by pushing active ingredients topicals deep into the skin. For Fine lines, Wrinkles, Acne,  Rosacea, Skin tone, texture, and pigmentation. Effective and safe.

Skin lifting and Tightening facial - $180
The plasma technology main focus is to inject the active ingredient of cosmetic into the skin by Fusion plasma and multi frequency Electroporation and Lifting by microcurrent
All this without the use of needles & no risk of microthermal damage. Significant results in one treatment . Your skin will be glowing &  firm  by then end of the facial treatment.

Korean Oxygen Facial - $160

Improves damaged skin due to stess, aging & sun damage. Oxygen Scaling for removing old keratin & impurities. Restoring skin post laser/needling. Improving dark or dull skin tone. Brightening. 

Nano Infusion Facial Treatment - $160
Nano-Needling is a procedure that helps to improve pigmentation, increase cell turnover, and provide a glow to the skin. Unlike micro needling, which penetrates more deeply, nano-needling is only able to affect the epidermis of the skin. This treatment is done with a tool that has microscopic hair-like cones that separate the cells in the epidermis to allow products to be infused into the skin effectively. This treatment is most commonly used to address the following concerns:
Hyperpigmentation, Fine lines, large pores, scarring

Hydro dermabrasion & LED light therapy -  $150
It is a aqua skin resurfacing treatment to cleanse + peel, extract + hydrate, and infuse + protect. The infusion of treatment serum directly into the upper layer of epidermis will plump & fill the skin giving a the skin a fuller more hydrates look. It is a safe & non-invasive ,no downtime ,multi faceted approach to skin revitalization & improve circulation. Depending on the individual 's skin concern different serums will be used. The oxygen booster serum  supplies the skin with plenty of nutrients & moisture.  Added LED light therapy for acne, sun damage, and other skin issues.

Customized Deep Cleansing Facial - $135

This facial is tailored to your specific  skin needs like deep cleansing, or relaxing.

Back facial-  $110
A deeply exfoliating & hydrating facial for the entire back. Excellent for relaxation as well as to revive breakout activity.

Teen Facial-  $80

It includes with deep cleansing, followed with gentle extractions & lastly a mask customized to a teen's individual  need
Dermaplaning ADDON to any facial -  $30
The Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive treatment to exfoliate and smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, skin imperfections, and wrinkles. And you get the added bonus of having some of that  unwanted peach fuzz removed from your face as well.


Eyebrow wax- $20

Lip wax- $12

Full Face wax- $50   

Full arm wax - $45
Full arm + underarm  - $60

Underarm - $25

Leg wax :  Half  - $45 Full  -  $75


Eyebrow - $15

lip - $10

Full Face - $40